About Us

House of ThaiNeed to take some time out for yourself? Suffering with tight shoulders or a niggling muscle pain that just won’t go away? Let our therapists work their massage magic. Hidden down a long drive on a quiet Maunu street, House of Thai is a dedicated massage sanctuary. Step through the door and into an atmosphere of pure relaxation. Whether you have a work injury that needs attention or a niggling tightness that can’t be shaken off, House of Thai’s therapists can ease your aches and pains, whether they are mental or physical. House of Thai opened in April 2012 and its clients keep coming back – because the difference they notice at the hands of the therapists is so profound. A regular massage encourages feelings of mental wellbeing and can even help to cure insomnia. Whether you spend hours sitting hunched over at a desk or are involved in hard, physical labour, a massage is the perfect antidote to your ailments. Massages are done with all-­‐natural, top-­‐quality massage oils imported from Thailand. House of Thai’s techniques combine modern techniques with ancient Thai traditions to promote general health as well as provide treatment for problems such as muscle and joint injuries.

Introducing Nok (Robyn)

NokAsk Nok, also known as Robyn, what she likes about her work and she lights up. “I enjoy everything that I do. I love my job.” She trained as a massage therapist in Thailand in 2004 before moving to New Zealand with her husband, Michael. She’s been amazed and happily surprised at how quickly word of her massages has spread. What started as just something she enjoyed being able to do to help friends and neighbours has turned into a full-­‐time job. Nok wants her clients to walk through the front door of House of Thai knowing they will get nothing but the very best service from her and her team.

She prides herself on giving real value for money to her clients. Even if someone comes in with the aim of having a massage for relaxation, if she notices a physical ailment that massage can fix, she’ll get in and sort it out. “Some parts of the body, I just can’t leave them like that,” she says. “They come to relax but I have to tell them, you have a problem here.” She laughs as she recalls the warning she sometimes has to give clients before she conducts a deep tissue massage to counter physical problems: “I warn them, you might be a bit sore tomorrow but the day after you’ll be feeling really great.” Clients always agree that prediction is spot-on.