Customer Testimonials

Book me in, again and again!

“After a long day at work, hunched over my computer and clutching my phone between my shoulder and head on various phone calls, the lure of an hour long massage by Nok at House of Thai was way too appealing to ignore”.

I was greeted by a very gracious Thai lady who had an aura of experience in dealing with aching muscles and I was more than ready to have her sort out my aches.

I can be a wimp and I had heard that traditional Thai massage could be a bit painful depending on your ailments so I chose the therapeutic massage with the special oil that Nok brings in from Thailand herself – it has a faint fragrance of something fresh, peppermint perhaps, combined with special medicinal properties to work with Nok’s expertise.

She worked my aches but in a gentle fashion and occasionally came across a sore spot which she gently nudged into submission. The peaceful surroundings were amazing and I nearly fell asleep on many occasions as she thoroughly worked on me from head to toe. Amazingly, when she was done, I was not sleepy anymore, but refreshed and awake, feeling more vibrant than I had in a long time – so much so I rebooked for another visit before I left.

I have travelled around Thailand and this was the closest I have got to of the serenity and poignancy of a true Thai massage since I have returned a number of years ago. House of Thai, you are my new favourite!

The True Art of Massage

“Hidden away in the heart of Whangarei’s Maunu I discovered the art of true Thai massage, turning me into a convert for what professional massage techniques can really do for a sore and tired body.

I walked into the House of Thai with an extremely painful shoulder and hip from playing the first matches of the tennis season, a problem I also had the previous year when similar problems lingered for a couple of weeks. But 24 hours later I found the two hour traditional therapeutic massage had done its magic, leaving just a tiny reminder of the severe pain that I thought would plague for weeks to come.

Once you’ve been greeted by Nok (Robyn) or one of her qualified professional therapists, you’re left to change into a set of white karate-style three quarter pants and a white T-shirt, before lying on the firm futon-style mattress lying on the floor of a room with lovely traditional Thai décor. While Thai music helps you relax, you discover that Thai massage involves the therapist following the Sen lines of the body, deep massaging out every knotted muscle by kneading, pressing and stretching and occasionally standing on parts of the body using the feet to massage.

With Robyn explaining what she was doing, you discover that you need to endure a little pain from time as she works into the sore part of the body to loosen tight muscles that lock up to cope with ongoing pain.

The miracle was that the next night I was back on the tennis court, playing two matches with very little pain to show the following morning. I’m now a convert to booking a regular Thai therapeutic massage, perhaps alternating with a relaxation massage to transport me to a great Thai massage experience.”

Michael Guy